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Strategy, IBP and social media campaigns from a work project I created and implemented, an individual class assignment and two undergraduate class group projects presented for real clients


Creating a Social Media Brand Guide 

Using my experience managing the social media for our department during my first semester, my knowledge of branding and my eye for visuals, I created a nine-page brand guide and presented it to the new hires.

Using My Photography to Suggest Content Marketing Strategy

In this Visual Communication class assignment, I had to compare two similar brands and recommend a new posting strategy for one. Using a photoshoot I took of myself, I created post mockups and a presentation to explain implementation. 

Group Campaigns

NatuChips campaign project for our client Rachel Granberry, a southeastern regional representative and PepsiCo Customer Management Associate. Our product was NatuChips, a plantain chip new to the U.S. market. I researched the industry environment, helped select our target audience, facilitated ideas for our tactics and messaging, planned implementation, created mock-up graphics and contributed heavily to the presentation design. 
Social media campaign for a group class project created for and presented to our client, Key Constructors. I completed the social media audit, helped generate post ideas, created two posts and edited some slides. 
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