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Social Media 

Examples of social media management, video execution, post copy

Instagram @southeasterncomm

During the first 2 months of my assistantship:

  • I changed our posting strategy, adding more video content.

  • Increased our followers by 18.9%. 

  • Increased profile activity by 950% compared to the previous cycle (June 17-August 6).

TikTok @southeasterncomm

During my first 2 months:

  • I increased followers by 63.52% compared to June 17 - Aug 16. 

  • I increased video views by 948.39% compared to June 17 - Aug 6.

  • Created our second most viral video at 13.7k views.

Instagram @thecreativestudiola

During the first 2 months of my job:

  • I ran the studio's first two boosted posts.

  • Increased accounts reached by 180%.

  • Increased accounts engaged by 178%.


During my time at CCM:

  • TikTok followers for increased from 4.5k to 22k between January 2022-December 2022

  • 10 videos I worked on received over 100k views.

  • 1 video I worked on received 1.3m views.

  • I increased messaging that promoted Dirt Cheap's sustainability initiatives.

Instagram Reels @ilovedirtcheap

During my time at CCM:

  • The number of Reels posted on the @ilovedirtcheap feed increased significantly.

  • I helped diversify Reel themes and content.

  • A Reel I worked on received the brand's highest viewership at the time and is currently at 50.1k views.

@followthefoodnola Instagram

I started my account in June 2017, decreased my posting when I started college in Fall 2020 and made my last post in November 2021 as I began focusing more on school and internships. 

While active on my account I:

  • Gained 5k+ followers. (Note: This number has decreased since inactivity).

  • Attended exclusive brand events and received free merch from brands like New Orleans Ice Cream Co., Dat Dog, Reginelli's Pizzeria, Poke Loa, Parish Coffee Works, Laura's Candies and more in exchange for promoting their products. 

  • Judged the 2018 Beignet Fest, the 2019 Fried Chicken Fest and the 2019 NOLA Wing Wars.

  • Had posts reposted by Where NOLA Eats, Yelp NOLA and Best Food New Orleans. 

Reposted Content

@alyssagraceart Instagram

Promoted my artwork before starting my internships. While I no longer post, I consistently created content on the account for about six months (8/2021-1/2022).

In six months, I:

  • Posted 12 Reels that received 3k+ views.

  • Posted 2 Reels that received 5k+ views.

  • Posted 1 Reel that received 100k+ views

  • Increased my hand-painted journal sales by 73%.

SOMC TikTok @somcatusm

Volunteering to be the TikTok team leader for my Advertising and Creative Strategy class campaign, I started the USM School of Media and Communication TikTok page. 

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