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Graphic Design

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Graduate Canva Graphics

Creative Ads

Created for Visual Communication Class. The goal for each was to analyze ads from brands and then create our own with the same or different messages

Marketing Material

An idea I had at my position with the Communication and Media Studies Department to showcase alumni while at tabling events.  Interviewed both women, wrote copy and created designs.

Design for

Created for Visual Communication Class. Based design on the Cool Brew website.

Data Visualizations

Collected/interpreted data and made visualizations to present findings in a creative and appealing way. Left graphic is of analytics from my job at The Creative Studio. Right is an intro assignment for a data and analytics class.

Undergraduate Canva Graphics

Presentation Design Sample

Created using the free version of Canva.

Story Content for Freret Napoleon

Stories created using a coworker's photos and using the free version of Canva. 

Banh Mi Boys Instagram Story Content

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